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While problems with dental implants are rare, the team you have behind you makes all the difference if you do experience an implant issue. At Comfort Care Dental in Sherman Oaks and Glendale, California, Robert Tingilian, DDS, and Tom Shanakian, DDS, offer specialized implant restoration. To shore up your implant so it can last your lifetime, call the office nearest you or make your appointment online today.

Implant Restoration Q & A

What are the most common dental implant problems?

Countless people choose dental implants because they’re a way to replace a missing tooth that should last a lifetime. That said, all mouths are unique. It’s extremely uncommon to have dental implant problems, but issues can arise with the crown or the implant

Your implant consists of two pieces: the titanium rod (called the implant) that your dentist implants in your jawbone, and the replacement tooth or teeth (called the crown) that attach to the top of that rod. 

Your Comfort Care Dental dentist lets you know the best way to repair your dental implant based on the specific problem affecting your mouth. They specialize in implant restoration for everything from single replacement teeth to full sets of implant-supported dentures. 

How does implant restoration work for problems with the crown?

Crown damage most often occurs when you bite something hard, use your teeth as tools, or experience blunt force to your face. If your crown chips or cracks, don’t wait to visit Comfort Care Dental. There, the team of dental implant specialists can quickly determine the best way to repair your replacement tooth. 

In most cases, that means replacing the crown. But don’t worry. The actual implant — the titanium rod implanted in your jawbone — stays in place during this process. In fact, fixing crown problems is as simple as removing the damaged crown and putting a new one in place. 

How does implant restoration work for problems with the implant?

Problems with the actual implant pose a much more serious problem. If your implant feels loose in your mouth, visit Comfort Care Dental right away. Getting fast care for a loosened implant could save you from serious damage to your jawbone.

In most cases, the loosened implant requires removal from your mouth. Your Comfort Care Dental dentist lets you know the best next steps. If the implant compromised the strength of your jawbone, you might require bone grafting to strengthen your bone enough to support a new implant. Fortunately, Comfort Care Dental offers bone grafting from the comfort of their office. 

Whatever attention your implant needs for full restoration, your Comfort Care Dental dentist delivers it. For complete implant restoration, call the office closest to you or make an appointment online today.